The One Need All Coaches Have in Common is....Clients

Coaches have a passion for making a difference to others, and the more clients we can reach, the greater the positive impact we can have in the world. The truth is that passion alone is not enough to build a successful business. Being able to draw upon a supportive community and access education about growing a business is a key part of building a successful and sustainable coaching business. It's why we created the Coaching Crowd Business Lounge.

Business Lounge Benefits 

Being an independent coach can be lonely and let's face it - growing a business is hard. 

There's a huge amount to learn, and it will take you outside of your comfort zone. 

The thing that's going to help you push through the discomfort and take action is consistent peer support and community. 

Inside the Business Lounge there is a vault of over 35 bitesize trainings to give you hints, tips, approaches and starters for growing and developing your coaching business AND you'll be in a community of professional coaches - there is no other community better positioned to help you with your mindset as you press on and build your business. 

What is the Business Lounge?  

The Coaching Crowd® Business Lounge is a supportive community of professional coaches who all share the same vision - to grow and develop a successful coaching practice. 

The Business Lounge is also a place to access essential business trainings that will help you learn and understand how to do business in today's world. 

The trainings inside the Business Lounge cover key topics such as:

  • Brand and Messaging
  • Sale Strategies
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Pricing
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media for Business Growth
  • Life Balance
  • Foundations of a Successful Practice

Ultimately the Business Lounge is a place, amongst friends, where you will never be alone in your journey to building your coaching business. You get to access an extensive library of business trainings and the collective wisdom of the coaching community.  

How Can I Become A Member Of The Business Lounge

Currently the only way to become a member of The Business Lounge is with one of our core Learning Programs: 

  • ILM Level 3
  • ILM Level 5
  • ILM Level 7
  • Emotions Coaching Practitioner Training

When you join one of these programmes you will get Lifetime Access to the Business Lounge so that you can access the Business Trainings on demand and grow your business at your pace. 

We want all our learners to be successful and the education and community inside the Business Lounge will support you to gain consistent clients in your coaching business. 

What You'll Get Inside "The Business Lounge"

Supportive Community 

Collaboration over competition. We all share the same aim and inside this membership you will find accountability partners, supporters, thought partners and like minded peers. We'll connect through a private Facebook Group.

24/7 Access Via Our App

We know access on demand at a time that is right for you is important. All of the trainings are available via the Kajabi App, which you can access anytime, anywhere - getting the help you need, when you most need it. No need to be sat at your desktop.

Access to Over 35 Trainings

You'll have access to over 35  business trainings from specialist in those areas. Each one is about an hour long, providing you with guidance, direction and inspiration. You'll also get access to an exclusive "Constant Clients for Coaches" 2 hour training.

Opportunity to Speak at the Coaching Summit

Our Annual Coaching Summit has become an anticipated event and each year we look to our Business Lounge Speakers to host sessions as you practice putting in place everything you have learned from your time in the Business Lounge. 

Valuable Resources to Grow Your Business

As part of the resources inside the Business Lounge you will access a 'Getting Started Guide', as well as a 52 week social media content creation guide and a 90 day plan for setting your business up for success. An essential resource for aspiring coaches.

A Taster of the Trainings Provided Inside the Business Lounge

James Newell -Creator of Clear Sales Message™️

James runs his own sales consultancy whose mantra is "If they don’t understand it. They can’t buy it." He educates businesses around the world in how to create a clear sales message to ensure clients have the clarity and confidence to buy. He helps make the intangible - tangible. 

Helen Pritchard - LinkedIn Expert

Helen is our LinkedIn Expert. She is here to help our members grow their businesses using LinkedIn. Helen has outstanding success using LinkedIn to get her own business started and thriving and has helped thousands of coaches do the same.

Abi Sea - expert in Launching Coaching Offers 

Abi Sea, AKA The Launch Lifeline, brings best-mate level support to big-hearted coaches who want to launch new offers and services online. Abi's mission is to show you that with the right offer, messaging and planning in place, launching can be easy. 

Yvonne Phillips - Success Stylist

Yvonne is a Success, Style and Visibility expert who brings her personal branding expertise to the Business Lounge. Your personal brand is a big part of who you are as a coach and it touches all parts of your coaching services. Yvonne provides guidance and insight into how to do this well. An unmissable session. 

Abigail Horne - Book Publisher

Abigail Horne runs Authors and Co and supports entrepreneurs in getting their story out to the world to build their brand and attract their ideal clients. But Abi is more than a publisher. She is a serial entrepreneur herself and is full of wisdom, guidance and insight into running a successful coaching business. 

Liz Wilcox - Email Marketing

Liz is an email marketing expert who comes into the Lounge to share with us how to build a compelling newsletter in less than 20 minutes. Replying on social media alone for your client attraction is risky and Liz shares how you can attract people to your email list and hat to do with them once they're there! 

What's in the Full Library of Trainings?

Hear from some community members

Bansri Dodhia

"I am at the beginning of my journey as a freelancer, even though I have years of experience I do not have the Coaching paper qualification /accreditation, so being part of the group I have gained so much confidence and courage to take the plunge. Jo and Zoe have shared lot about their own journey and great role models to showcase Continuous Learning - stretching and challenging yourself’."

Georgie Brightwell

"The Business Lounge brought fantastic value. Firstly a sense of community and being able to get support from others in the group. Secondly it’s made me think harder about what steps are involved in setting up your own coaching business. Thirdly the quality of the monthly speakers is amazing and the ability to watch the recordings multiple times makes it easy to go back to."

Debbie Broadhurst

"I'm thinking more like an entrepreneur specialising in coaching now, really thinking beyond just being a coach. Being part of business lounge broadened my thinking in really beneficial ways."

Emma Lynch

"I joined The Business Lounge to get the support on the practical/business aspects of running a coaching business as well as the support of people that were going through the same journey that you are."

A Summary of What You'll Get in The Business Lounge: 

  • A private Facebook community group with Coaches just like you
  • Exclusive access to the extensive library of over 35 business trainings. 
  • Access to our 2 hour masterclass 'Consistent Clients for Coaches', which includes a 52 week social content creation guide and a 90 day plan
  • Our Getting Started Guide
  • An opportunity to apply to speak at our Annual Coaching Summit
  • 24/7 Access to the curated library via the App
  • Lifetime access*

*Lifetime access means for as long as the Business Lounge is a service offering - minimum 2 years. 

Our Community Rules

The safety and inclusivity of this community is an absolute priority for us.

You must adhere to the community rules below. We will remove members from the Community who breach the rules. 

The rules are in place for the benefit of everyone and for the integrity of the community. 

The rules are:  

1: Be kind, supportive and encourage one another

2: Act with positive intent - If you ask the group for feedback, please receive it graciously. If feedback isn't invited, check permission before you offer your advice and guidance.

3: Value difference, engage respectfully - Anyone seen to be engaging in hate speech or bullying will be removed from the group. 

4: No plagiarism  - Anyone copying or stealing another members content will be removed from the group. We want people to feel safe to share their ideas and gain feedback and support in their business growth.

5. No selling, no cold approaches - This is a community of mutual support. Direct selling, uninvited approaches of people through their inboxes or in discussion threads will result in removal from the community. If in doubt - ask permission.