The One Need All Coaches Have in Common is....Clients

We all have a passion for making a difference to others, and the more clients we can reach, the greater impact we can have in the world. Passion alone is not enough for a successful business. Learning the business strategies, approaches and techniques that work is essential in enabling our clients to find us and work with us so they can achieve their goals and desires. 


Who is The Coaching Crowd Business Lounge for?

  • Are you a professional coach who is ready to grow and build their coaching business?
  • Do you want to reach more clients and have a bigger impact?
  • Are you a new coach or have coaching as a side hustle and want to create a successful and sustainable coaching business?
  • Do you want to be part of a community of coaches who all have the shared aim of building, growing and scaling their business for more impact?

If you see yourself in any of the above you're in the right place. 

The Coaching Crowd Business Lounge is THE place for professional coaches to come together to learn how to build, grow and scale their coaching businesses, within a community of like minded coaches whose main aim is to make a difference in the world through coaching. 


Why Join? 

Being an independent coach can be lonely and let's face it - growing a business is hard. 

There's a huge amount to learn, and much of that will take you outside of your comfort zone. 

The thing that's going to help you push through the discomfort and take action is peer support and community. 

Inside the Business Lounge not only will you get the knowledge and expertise you need to grow your business, but you'll be in a community of professional coaches - there is no other community better positioned to help you with your mindset as you press on and build your business. 


How Will My Membership Help Me?

Start looking into growing a business and you'll soon start to come across terms that make your mind boggle - sales funnels, lead magnets, nurture sequences......It can get overwhelming quickly. 

Once you start to understand what these things are, you're then faced with trying to work out HOW to actually implement them. 

We've been there and know how much time can be wasted searching for answers to questions that are scattered across the web. 

Inside the Business Lounge you'll get what you need and with the support of your community, you'll have a place for all your questions - saving you time, energy and meaning you can stay focused on implementing what you've learned. Not getting de-railed by overwhelm or not knowing where to start. 


What You'll Get Inside "The Business Lounge"

Monthly Expert Trainings

Inside the business lounge you will have access to Monthly Expert Trainings on different elements of running a successful coaching business. These trainings will be given by industry experts and will be highly practical

Supportive Community 

Collaboration over competition. We all share the same aim and inside this membership you will find accountability partners, supporters, thought partners and like minded peers. We'll connect through a private Facebook Group.

Monthly Q&A

Zoe and Jo join you monthly to take your Questions and share their experiences. They are there to support you with the practical business side as well as helping you with your success mindset

Bonus Sessions 

This membership is about meeting your needs so as well as the scheduled monthly trainings, you'll get occasional bonus sessions based on the emerging needs of the group. Topics can be business or mindset related, covering all angles! 

Exclusive Discount to the Business Coach Directory

We have partnered up with the Business Coach Directory to secure EXCLUSIVE rates for our Lounge Members. The BCD is a platform to advertise your services to businesses that are searching for what you have to offer

24/7 Access via the App

We know you may not be able to make all of the trainings live so we will record and upload all trainings to our learning portal which you can access anytime, anywhere. Therefore getting the help you need, when you most need it. 


Meet Your Hosts - Zoe and Jo

Hi! We're Zoe and Jo and we've been running a coaching business since 2011.  We're both multi award nominated, master accredited coaches and Jo won the EMCC Best Coach Practitioner in 2020. 

We work internationally as coaches, we train coaches and we're qualified coaching supervisors. 

We are deeply passionate about what we do and making a difference through coaching is what we have dedicated our careers to.

Today we run a thriving coaching business, but it's not always been this way. 



Our Journey

It took us 7 years to work out how to run a sustainable coaching business. 

We had peaks and troughs in our business, when we took time out to have our children, the business suffered. 

To grow our business we knew we needed mentorship, help and guidance but we had no idea how to find it, and who to trust. 

We've invested over 6 figures in our business growth, this includes our professional qualifications and our business knowledge. And because we want every coach to have a successful business, we've created this membership just for you, so you don't have to wait as long as we did to achieve your business goals. 



Hosted by Us, Guided by Experts.

Meet some of our Amazing Speakers

Lisa Johnson - Business Strategist

Lisa is a Business Strategist who in 3 years has grown her business from humble beginnings to multi 7 figures. She knows what it's like at the beginning of the journey and is here to share insights into strategies that work. 

Helen Pritchard - LinkedIn Expert

Helen is our LinkedIn Expert. She is here to help our members grow their businesses using LinkedIn. Helen has outstanding success using LinkedIn to get her own business started and thriving and has helped thousands of coaches do the same.

David Williams - Systems and Processes

David is a serial entrepreneur. He has founded and runs several businesses and is an expert on using systems and processes to build, grow and scale sustainable businesses. David has an eye for business opportunity and has so much to share.

Chantelle Davidson- Copywriting

Your words can change the world and Chantelle is here to help us do that. How we connect and speak to our audience has the power to attract or repel people from us and with Chantelle guidance she will enable us to draw our clients in. 

Abigail Horne - Book Publisher

Abigail Horne runs Authors and Co and supports entrepreneurs in getting their story out to the world to build their brand and attract their ideal clients. But Abi is more than a publisher. She is a serial entrepreneur herself and is full of wisdom, guidance and insight into running a successful coaching business. 

Danny Young - Growing an Email List

Danny is an Online Marketing Strategist who runs a successful Digital Marketing Agency. Your e-mail list is a key asset in your business and Danny is here to help us to understand why and how to do that. 



Join Us Now 

And you'll get: 

Monthly Expert Trainings

A Private Facebook Community Group

Monthly Q&A with Zoe and Jo

Bonus Sessions

Exclusive Discount to the Business Coach Directory

24/7 Access via the App

All for £45 per month or save 2 months and purchase for £450 per year. That's less than a coffee and cake a week :) 

When you join you secure your lifetime rate, meaning that if prices increase, your rate stays the same.



The Coaching Crowd Business Lounge Is For You

This is a community of professional, ethical, likeminded coaches where you'll receive high quality, top level learning, at an affordable price in an environment that encourages openness, honesty and integrity.

What our Business Loungers say

Hear what our Business Loungers have to say about being part of The Coaching Crowd Business Lounge!

Bansri Dodhia

"I am at the beginning of my journey as a freelancer, even though I have years of experience I do not have the Coaching paper qualification /accreditation, so being part of the group I have gained so much confidence and courage to take the plunge. Jo and Zoe have shared lot about their own journey and great role models to showcase Continuous Learning - stretching and challenging yourself’."

Georgie Brightwell

"The Business Lounge brought fantastic value. Firstly a sense of community and being able to get support from others in the group. Secondly it’s made me think harder about what steps are involved in setting up your own coaching business. Thirdly the quality of the monthly speakers is amazing and the ability to watch the recordings multiple times makes it easy to go back to."

Debbie Broadhurst

"I'm thinking more like an entrepreneur specialising in coaching now, really thinking beyond just being a coach. Being part of business lounge broadened my thinking in really beneficial ways."

Emma Lynch

"I joined The Business Lounge to get the support on the practical/business aspects of running a coaching business as well as the support of people that were going through the same journey that you are."

Your Clients Need You to Have a Successful Business

You have the passion, you have the coaching expertise, you have the tenacity, determination and now you have an opportunity to gain the knowledge and support to build a thriving business. 

When coaches have a successful business it means that we are having a greater impact on the world and the more clients we can serve the greater that ripple effect. 

So come on into The Business Lounge now join us as together we grow our businesses. 

Remember you get all this: 

Expert Speakers

Every month we will bring in an expert guest speaker, teaching you a key component of what’s required to run a successful business. These lessons will cover an incredible range of topics, and will be available in the members area for you to access at any time. 

The sessions will cover all the fundamentals you need for business growth, with our guest speakers guiding you through each stage in an accessible and understandable way, meaning you’ll come away from each session ready to implement.

Monthly Q&A with Jo and Zoe

While your learnings from our guest experts will be invaluable to your growth, our experience also means we understand that sometimes setting up and growing your own business can be a challenging experience.

We will be there to help you implement and focus on your mindset. 

The beauty of being part of a community of coaches is that we all bring the expertise to support each other with mindset and blocks we can face in the pursuit of our business success. 

Private, Community Facebook group

You'll come together in a private community to celebrate your success, ask for help and champion each other.

This is a community who understands  the ripple effect of helping others is only possible if you are successful and you want others to be successful too.

A community who understands your concerns, and may have experienced them before or are seeking to move past them to the next challenge.

A community who are stronger together. 

Bonus Sessions

As the community grows and our needs become clear, we'll curate bonus sessions based on emerging needs. You'll be well supported throughout your membership!

24/7 Access

We know you won't be able to make all the lessons live, so all lessons will be recorded live and uploaded to our learning platform for you to access anytime, anywhere, even on the go via our app. 

Exclusive Discount to the Business Coach Directory

We've teamed up with the Business Coach Directory. The BCD is a platform where coaches can advertise their services directly to organisations looking for the services of coaches. You'll be able to access exclusive rates to give you another way to expand your business. 


Join Us Now

And you'll get: 

Monthly Expert Trainings

A Private Facebook Community Group

Monthly Q&A with Zoe and Jo

Bonus Sessions

Exclusive Discount to the Business Coach Directory

24/7 Access via the App

All for £45 per month or save 2 months and purchase for £450 per year. That's less than a coffee and cake a week :) 

When you join you secure your lifetime rate, meaning that if prices increase, your rate stays the same.