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Explore our ILM, ICF and EMCC Accredited Coaching Qualifications

Who are 'In Good Company?'

We are a world leading, cutting edge, coaching training provider, offering triple accredited coaching training qualifications to compassionate and courageous leaders all over the world.

Through our open access coaching qualifications and in partnership with organisations we offer a coaching training solution wherever you are on your coaching journey - from beginner to advanced. 

We also support qualified coaches to grow and develop successful and sustainable coaching businesses through our Coaching Crowd Business Lounge and support coaches with continued professional development through bitesize learning and professional development programmes.

At the heart of In Good Company, there is soul, warmth and a drive to make a positive difference to people, organisations and the world.

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Coaching Training

ILM Coaching Training

Join one of our ILM, ICF and EMCC accredited coaching training programs. We have training for managers, HR/OD and for people who want a career as a coach. Our training is accredited and covers a wide range of coaching methodologies

Coaches Membership

The Business Lounge

Find out about our Business Lounge. Our membership for professional coaches who want to grow their businesses. Business can be lonely, and this is your community where together we'll build our businesses, reach more clients and create more impact.

CPD for Coaches

1:1 Coaching

Stuck, overwhelmed, making a big pivot in your career? with over 10 years of Transformational Coaching, work with either Jo or Zoe, Master Accredited Coaches, to help you navigate this important phase of your life. Explore our coaching options here. 

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How we support you

We are with you every step of the way on your coaching journey, from helping you to choose the right course through to providing feedback, support and challenge.

Our coaching qualifications cover evidence based coaching psychologies, coaching tools and frameworks. Topics are wide ranging and include Neuro Linguistic Programming, Transactional Analysis, Cognitive Behavioural Coaching, as well as the foundations of coaching. 

You'll develop your coaching skills by joining weekly live interactive sessions as well as undertaking coaching practice and coaching supervision. You'll also use the extensive resources in our learning portal and app. 

Our coaching courses are personally and professionally transformational, when you learn the skills to coach others, you also learn to apply them to yourself.

TAKE OUR QUIZ: Which Coaching Course is Right For Me?

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"The Coaching Crowd"

We are creating a community of HR/OD and Learning Professionals, Aspiring Coaches and Practicing Coaches. It's a community where we come together to learn and grow. We run weekly "lives", hold Q&A's and ultimately we aim to raise create a community we all want to be a part of.


Highly Accredited, Ethical Coaching and Training 

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