Deciding To Coach. Out Now! 


Have You Ever Been Told You'd Make A Great Coach? 

Do you have lots of questions unanswered about coaching training and pivoting to a career as a credible coach?

Are you wondering if it’s right for you?

Are you a high achieving, compassionate leader who is searching for more meaning and impact in your career?

In this value packed, practical book Jo and Zoe take you through core questions and coaching activities to find out if training to be a coach is a good decision for you, as well as sharing with you a step by step guide to how to set up a successful and sustainable coaching business.

You’ll explore how your strengths, values, beliefs, emotions, identity and goals align to coaching and they’ll share the business strategies they used to create a successful global coaching business, ones that you can use too.

This book is your complete companion to confidently deciding if training to be a coach is for you. A must read. Jo and Zoe bring their depth of knowledge, skills and experience as coaches, coach trainers and coach supervisors to this book. They also bring their heart and soul for empowering others to make values based decisions.

Are you ready to decide?