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All Coaching Is About Emotions

Emotions are a universal human experience. We all have them and yet the relationship we have with our emotions is unique. 

Coaching emotions is an essential skill as a coach and yet many coaches are reluctant to invite emotions into the coaching space, fearful of overstepping the boundary into therapy. 

Knowing how to coach the full range of emotions that our clients experience and helping them to learn about the power that resides within emotions is often the missing piece of transformation in coaching. 

Our revolutionary Emotions Coaching Practitioner Training equips coaches and those working in the helping professions to confidently coach emotions, enabling clients to experience powerful transformations and in turn you open up yourself to a whole new level of learning about your own relationship to your emotions. 

Join us in putting everyday mental health at the forefront of coaching. Emotions are at the heart of our wellbeing, and emotions are central to coaching.


The Emotions Coaching Practitioner Training will:

  • Elevate your credibility as a coach
  • Build your confidence as a coach practitioner
  • Increase your capacity to help clients with more complex goals, ambitions and desires
  • Provide you with a suite of tools and resources to support your clients with the emotions connected to their goals
  • Teach you about your relationship to your own emotions and enable you to heal hidden wounds that silently hold you back as a coach
  • Equip you to reaccredit with the ICF as this programme is accredited with 40 CCE's

And there's more.....

This Practitioner Training, unlike any other, will also give you tools to grow your coaching business OR if you're coming from an organisation, give you resources to integrate emotions coaching within your workplace. 

Included in your investment is unlimited access to our Coaching Crowd¬ģ Business Lounge. Check out the link in the menu bar to learn more about this incredible business growth support.¬†


Emotions Coaching Practitioner Training is the missing piece to your Coaching Education and Toolkit

What's Included?

Introduction to Emotions Coaching 

Emotions Coaching is built from foundations upon Values, Beliefs, Goals and Psychological Development. We'll share a refresher on these topics for you to build your practice upon.

Contracting and Ethics 

Working ethically is at the heart of our Emotions Coaching Practitioner Training so you'll learn what it takes to thoroughly contract for this work and confidently know how to work ethically in this space.

Trauma and Attachment 

One in 5 people have experienced trauma in their life and coaches will be working with clients who have experienced trauma. Knowing how to work safely and ethically with trauma is a core part of our coaching.

Six Principles Of Emotions

We will take a deep dive into each of the "Six Principles of Emotions" that we introduce in our book Deciding to Coach, so you have a deep understanding of the theory of emotions.

Extensive Toolkit

For each of the six principles of emotions you will receive 2 tools and a number of ways you can adapt these tools within your coaching practice. You'll always have resources to hand to support your clients growth.

Interactive, Practical Training

This practitioner training goes well beyond theory with 4 days of interactive online practice with the tools and techniques you're learning. You'll leave this training feeling confident and well equipped as an Emotions Coaching Practitioner.

Integration and Supervision

Following the programme you'll be supported in 3 months of integration. A space where you can bring challenges, questions and reflections to deepen your learning as an Emotions Coaching Practitioner.

Emotional Archetypes Diagnostic

Learn about the Emotional Archetypes and how they influence our success, as well as receiving access to a diagnostic to support your clients in their Emotions Coaching.

Marketing Brochures

We'll provide marketing brochures to help you share the value of Emotions Coaching with your audience, so whether you are an internal coach, or an external coach you'll always have ways to share what you do.


A Blended Learning Experience

The Emotions Coaching Practitioner Training is structured as online self guided learning, combined with LIVE practical training and 3 LIVE integration sessions. 
Live learning will take place via zoom.
Choice of dates available below.

What will I learn?

Contracting, Ethics and Trauma

Ethical, informed coaching is at the heart of Emotions Coaching. Working through this module will enable you to feel educated, informed and ready to support clients with topics that you may currently feel nervous or unsure about. 

Principle 1: Emotions are neither good nor bad

You will learn how clients judgements about their emotions limit their success and affect their relationships with others. We explore how clients form these judgements in the first place and how we can help clients experience more emotional freedom by releasing themselves from unhelpful definitions of their emotional experience. Includes 2 emotions coaching activities. 

Principle 2: You are not your emotions

Here we explore how labels can be unhelpful and how personifying our emotions limits our choices. We take a deep dive into emotional linguistics and how we can use language to help our clients overcome barriers and blocks. We equip you to challenge and help clients reframe their emotional experience to provide more perspective and choice. Includes 2 emotions coaching activities. 

Principle 3: Emotions are unmet needs

We share with you how to help clients identify the unmet needs their emotions represent and how to support clients with those unmet needs. We explore when and how to use root cause analysis to support clients in identifying and understanding trapped emotions and patterns for deeply transformational coaching. Includes 2 emotions coaching activities. 

Principle 4: Emotions are not always authentic

Clients can find themselves overthinking and ruminating or otherwise stuck in unhelpful emotions and we share the concept of inauthentic emotions. This module is about helping clients to identify the authentic emotions they experience as a route to emotional freedom. We'll be looking at the theory of racket feeling and how this applies in Emotions Coaching. Includes 2 emotions coaching activities. 

Principle 5: Emotions are interlinked 

Emotions can exist along an individuals timeline, in the past, present and the future. We explore how time influences emotions and the interplays between our emotions and our actions and behaviour. This module is about enabling clients to release unresolved emotions from the past so that they can achieve the future they want in the way that they want. Includes 2 emotions coaching activities. 

Principle 6: You can choose your emotions  

Whilst it may not feel like it, you can choose your emotions and in this module we're sharing with you how to help client shift from feeling stuck in their emotions to moving to a place of choice. You'll also learn about the 4 Emotional Archetypes and how to identify and work with these in coaching. 

Self Care for Coaches

To be a great coach you need to be resourced and ready for your client sessions. In this module we'll introduce you to effective grounding strategies to ensure you're energised for your client work as well as providing resources to help you unwind and leave your coaching sessions behind. This is all about protecting your energy so you can do your best work. 

Hear what our clients have to share....

Rachel Richardson

This has been such an enjoyable and enlightening experience and I have loved every moment! It's been incredibly powerful for my clients and for me, having become much better at self-coaching to help navigate through different life scenarios! Thank you for creating a safe and welcoming learning environment and to the fabulous cohort I had the pleasure of sharing the journey with. 

Vicki Mitman

I am thrilled to have completed this course. It is 'hands down' the best CPD course I have done! I feel much more confident in managing my own emotions, and supporting my clients. Thank you to my wonderful cohort - so much peer support from fantastic people! I am blessed to be feeling a wide range of emotions today (and no longer think of that as an inconvenience)! 

Kelly Davies

Becoming an Emotions Coaching practitioner  has been a personal highlight. The connection I have made with my own emotions has left me feeling simultaneously more grounded and free both personally and with my coaching. The live training and integration sessions enabled connection, practice and reflection with a lovely network of coaches. It is the best course I have had the pleasure of being part of. 

Crafted from 20 years of experience

The Emotions Coaching Practitioner Training is crafted from our combined experience as coaches, trainers and coaching supervisors. This experience spans over 20 years. 

Having been working at depth with clients for this time we have packaged and are now sharing the many approaches and techniques that we have used with clients to help them experience the emotional freedom they desire for their lives and careers. 

Working with emotions is the missing piece in transformational coaching that many practitioners shy away from and building both our courage and competence to work in this space increases the impact that coaching can have upon our clients and the lives they lead.

Better Results, Bigger Transformations. Bolder, Braver Coaching. 


Places are limited.

Your investment includes: 
  • Access to all 8 modules of the Emotions Coaching Practitioner Training, including all coaching activities and resources
  • 3 months integration support via 3 x 1 hour online sessions
  • Emotion Archetypes¬†Diagnostic to support your clients in their coaching
  • 4 days of live online training (you must attend ALL of the dates to certify as a practitioner)
  • 12 Months access to the Learning Portal with video lessons, coaching demos and resources.¬†
  • Instant and unlimited access to The Coaching Crowd¬ģ Business Lounge
  • 40 CCE's with the ICF


JULY 2024


COURSE STARTS: The 8 programme modules will be released weekly from Monday 15th July 2024. 

ORIENTATION CALL: Monday 15th July (10:00 UK TIME)

LIVE ONLINE TRAINING DATES: Monday 23rd - Thursday 26th September 2024 (0900 - 1500 UK TIME)

LIVE INTEGRATION SESSIONS: Wednesday 6th November 2024, Wednesday 11th December 2024, Wednesday 8th January 2025 (all 1000 - 1100 UK TIME)


COURSE STARTS: The 8 programme modules will be released weekly from Monday 7th October 2024. 

ORIENTATION CALL: Monday  7th October 2024

LIVE ONLINE TRAINING DATES: Monday 2nd December - Thursday 5th December 2024 (0900 - 1500 UK TIME)

LIVE INTEGRATION SESSIONS: Thursday 30th January 2025, Thursday 27th February 2025 and Thursday 20th March 2025 (all 1000 - 1100 UK TIME)

PAY IN 10 INSTALMENTS (10x £250)

If your employer is funding your training and you want to pay directly through invoice please contact us here. You can also ask us a question here too :) 



Who is this training for?

The Emotions Coaching Practitioner Training is for trained coaches.

There is an expectation that in joining this programme you are aware of, and have practised, the fundamentals of coaching - i.e. goals, values and beliefs.

You will have experience of coaching clients and are ready to take your coaching to the next level.

This is a Continued Coach Education programme, it is not designed for people who have had no prior formal coaching training or coaching experience. 

If you are not yet a qualified coach and you want to do this training then check out our Advanced Diploma for Executive and Senior Level Coaches. 

What's involved in the pre-work?

The Emotions Coaching Practitioner Training has 8 modules, each module has pre-work which will take approximately 2-3 hours to complete. 

The pre-work is hosted on our learning platform and incorporates video lessons, coaching demonstrations and downloadable resources. There are a total of 12 coaching activities with demonstrations across the modules.

You will need to complete the pre-work relevant to your live online training in advance of attending the sessions.

What's involved in the live training?

Each of the Emotions Coaching Practitioner Training modules are supported by a lesson within the live training where we will engage in group discussion and you will practice facilitating the relevant coaching activities.

Before attending the live online training you will need to complete the pre-work relevant to the lessons. 

How do I become an Emotions Coaching Practitioner?

The Emotions Coaching Practitioner Training is accreditated with the ICF - 40CCEs (35 core & 5 RD).

In each of the modules there will be an End of Lesson Assessment which is completed online and you must achieve 100%. 

All of the live training dates for your cohort need to be attended. You will also need to complete 12 hours of coaching, which integrate the Emotions Coaching principles and activities. These coaching hours will take place in the 3 months after the live training and is supported through the Integration Sessions. 

You will need to complete a 1500-2000 word reflective writing piece summarising your learning from your coaching hours and submit this upon competition.

Once all of these elements are complete you will be issued your Emotions Coaching Practitioner Certification, and your CCE certificate. 

How do I sign up?

Places are limited and you can sign up above. When you join you will be sent a confirmation email which will hold your place on the course. You will be granted access to the learning portal on date your programme starts.