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Hi, We're Jo and Zoe and we've have been training coaches since 2015.


We pride ourselves on providing highly ethical training which enables you to be a great coach. We define a great coach as someone who has the knowledge, skills and tools to help clients achieve lasting, sustainable change. 

We know it's not easy to choose a coaching training course. So, what makes us different? We've been coaching clients in organisations and privately since 2010. Each of us have amassed well over 1000 coaching hours working with individuals and groups. We love sharing our experiences with new trainee coaches to help you achieve your goals. So whether you are a line manager looking to gain new skills or an aspiring coach, we believe we have the experience to offer you a great start. We'll also be there to support you through your journey as a new coach in our facebook groups and regular masterclasses. All a bonus when you train with us. 

Our coaching training is highly interactive, from day 1 you'll be using coaching tools and techniques with your peer coaches and because we work in small groups you're gong to get a lot of support and feedback from us. 

You're going to be guided through some of the best coaching tools and techniques available on your training and you'll get to apply these to yourself. This means, not only do you learn how to be a great coach, but you'll learn a lot about yourself, your own values and beliefs. We know from speaking to previous delegates that our course is a deep, personal, transformational experience.

We like to have fun too and you can expect to make relationships on our course that will last you for years to come. 

We are one of the UK's Leading Providers of Coaching and Mentoring Training

Our Clients and Accreditations

Coaching is our life's passion and we are delighted to be able to offer you our ILM Level 5 Coaching and Mentoring qualifications in Reading, Bristol and Plymouth. 

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"I got to know Jo when attending a recent Coaching Diploma course she was running. I was immediately struck by her ability to build trust and put people at ease. Her coaching skills are impressive. She is extremely perceptive, able to quickly understand an individual and work out the coaching techniques that are going to help them the most. She has certainly had a positive impact on my life and a number of my colleagues. Highly recommended" 

Heather - Senior Manager


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"Zoe is a one-in-a-million coach. She has a friendly and approachable style, a deep rooted passion in helping people and the professional capabilities to do her work with integrity, honesty and trust.  Zoe has helped me understand myself better and facilitated a process which has brought me increased self awareness, confidence and peace. I have worked with Zoe 1-1 and in group situations, in both of which I have been enormously impressed"  

Doug - Senior Manager

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