Working with a Fear of Failure in Clients

Uncategorized Feb 25, 2020

Are you working with a client that has a fear of failure?

You're not alone. If it's one thing I've learned through coaching, it's that most people have a fear of failure in some shape or form. 

I also have personal experience of this – coaches, we are not immune!

For me, my fear of failure shows up as risk avoidance. I am incredibly good at avoiding risk, it’s one of my core strengths!!!!

Let me share a little more, so you can see how your client stories may look.

I've always found school easy. I studied and worked hard but I never really struggled with education. Good job really as I don’t think I’d have been very good at it!

I can remember being very calculating about my studies. I'd chose subjects that I knew I'd do well in, rather than the ones that I enjoyed the most. 

When it came to applying to University I only applied to ones that I knew I’d get the grades for, rather than striving for the Uni I wanted to go to the most and taking a...

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