12 ICF CCEs Pending 

An essential CPD course for 1:1 coaches and L&D professionals who are working with, or want to work with Groups and Teams.

Learn the theory as well as the practical aspects of coaching groups and teams. 


The course is structured with 7 in depth core modules PLUS 10 coaching activities for you to use with groups and teams.

Investment just £1000 inc. VAT

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To be human is to be in relationship with others

As coaches and learning and development professionals we know that relationships with others are a fundamental human need.

We are often drawn to support people in groups or teams, seeking even greater impact. The reality is that working with groups and teams can be complex.

Humans self orientate into groups and teams, and sometimes are forced to form as groups or teams. Either way, we seek emotional connection and satisfaction them.

However, we know that conflict and tension often arise through the challenges of co-existing with others and the difficulties in meeting everyone's ever evolving needs. 

Coaching Groups and Teams is a different skillset to working 1:1.

Understanding and appreciating the psychodynamics and practicalities of group and team coaching is essential to help create safe and fulfilling spaces where group and team members can thrive.

Our Foundations in Group and Team Coaching is carefully designed to provide you with a strong foundation upon which to work with groups and teams, building your confidence and credibility to add group work to your coaching practice and/or expanding the depth of your knowledge and toolkit to work with groups and teams. 

This programme supports coaches and those working in learning and development roles to work ethically with the complexity and unpredictability of group and team work. It provides both the theory, practicalities and coaching tools needed to set you and the group or team members up for success. 

Join us in supporting groups and teams to become healthy, compassionate spaces where people can bring their full selves so they can thrive and be at their best.

Relationships are at the centre of everyday mental health and your work with groups and teams is at the forefront of this mission. 

BUY NOW - £1000

The Foundations in Group and Team Coaching Course will:

  • Equip you to work confidently with groups and teams
  • Provide you with a suite of tools and resources to apply to your group and team work
  • Enable you to add group and team work as an additional income stream as an independent coach
  • Expand your professional capacity as an internal coach or L&D professional
  • Teach you about the phases of Group and Team Coaching covering both theory and practicalities
  • Provide you with 12 CCEs towards your Coach Accreditation (accreditation pending)

And there's more.....

  • This Group and Team Coaching Course will also support independent coaches with the practicalities of bringing their Group coaching programme to life through a business focused module that supports you to add group work as an additional income stream to your business.
  • Included in your investment is also unlimited access to our Coaching Crowd¬ģ Business Lounge. Check out the link in the menu bar to learn more about this incredible business growth support.¬†

Foundations of Group and Team Coaching is essential CPD for the compassionate and courageous coach who wants to support groups and teams in their development

What's Included?

Introduction to Group and Team Coaching

We begin by laying the building blocks for effective group and team coaching by clarifying what group and team coaching is, demystifying the differences and exploring the essential competencies and skills needed when working with groups and teams. 

The 5 Phases of Group and Team Coaching

We'll take you through each of the 5 phases of group and team coaching starting with Grounding and Gathering, then Roles and Rituals, Options and Opportunities, Union and Understanding and finally Presence and Progress.  

Theory and Practicalities

The course covers both theory and practicalities of this work, from the 'how to' of setting up and running groups and teams right through to the deep and complex psychodynamics that influence this work and strategies for working with these dynamics.

Extensive Toolkit 

Each of the 5 phases of the Group and Team Coaching come with at least 2 activities that you can use within your work. This includes how you can convert you own 1:1 coaching activities into group and team exercises as well as providing you with brand new resources for your toolkit. 

Self Guided and Self Paced 

This Group and Team Coaching programme is self paced. Following a live online orientation call where you meet your cohort, a new module will be released each week for 7 weeks. You can follow this timeline or take it at your own pace as you have access to the materials for 1 year. 

 Online Live Integration Sessions

Whilst the programme is self guided you are not alone. An orientation call will introduce you to your cohort and you can attend 3 of 5 integration session to help you to embed what you have learned. These integration sessions focus on Q&A and shared learning. 

Mindset Support

At the core of group and team work is your mindset as a coach so this programme includes self guided mindset support to enable you to arrive in your group work fully grounded in the here and now, more equipped to navigate the complex nature of groups and teams.

Business Support

For independent coaches launching and selling successful groups and teams may be new. Therefore we include a business module that walks through all the necessary steps of bringing your group to life so you can add additional income streams to your business. 

Accredited CPD 

This foundations in Group and Team coaching is pending accreditation with 12 ICF CCE's, providing a valuable contribution towards reaccreditation and continued coach education.  Accreditation is a robust process that quality assures our program so you can buy with confidence. 


A Blended Learning Experience

The Foundations of Group and Team Coaching is a self guided, online learning programme, topped and tailed with a LIVE online orientation call and LIVE online integration session. 
Choice of dates available below.

What will I learn?

Introduction to Group and Team Coaching 

This introductory modules will lay the foundations for group and team coaching. Taking you through what group and team coaching is, including the differences between each of these as well as facilitating team days and workshops. This module also covers group and team theory, ethics and the competencies and skills needed to do this work. 

Phase 1: Grounding and Gathering

Group and team coaching begins long before the group or team work begins. It begins with the coach and in this module you'll explore how you prepare yourself for this work, connecting with the wider contribution this work will make in the world, before moving on learning about the many considerations for preparing your group or team. 

Phase 2: Roles and Rituals

For group and team coaching to be effective you need a deep understanding of the role you play, as well as the many roles that form within groups and teams. You'll also explore how rituals become an integral part of skilful group and team coaching. All of these things contribute to creating a sense of inclusion and belonging the group or team.

Phase 3: Options and Opportunity

Group and team coaching is centred on supporting members to achieve their outcomes. Your role as the coach is to facilitate this journey which will unfold as the work takes place. In this module you'll explore the many ways you can do this, including how you can convert your 1:1 coaching skills to apply to group and team coaching. You'll consider the organic versus semi structure ways to coach groups and teams.

Phase 4: Union and Understanding

Groups are dynamic, complex and ever evolving. Emotions are at the centre of all group and team experiences and are often heightened in these environments so we explore the psychodynamics through the lens of the six principles of emotions. You'll also learn strategies to manage and navigate this with the group or team and support them with their emergent needs. 

Phase 5: Presence and Progress 

This module explores how to help groups and teams recognise, appreciate and celebrate the progress they've made through the coaching. You'll learn how to create a space to support the groups and teams to become aware of what is present for them as individuals and in the group/team as the coaching draws to a close. You'll learn about endings, evaluation and future pacing. 

Bringing Your Group To Life  

Learning how to coach groups and teams is only one piece of the puzzle. If you're an independent coach wanting to add group work to your portfolio it's essential you understand how to launch and sell your offer. In this module you'll get support with messaging and positioning you have what you need to bring your group to life. You'll also get instant and unlimited access to the Coaching Crowd¬ģ Business Lounge.

Mindset for Group and Team Coaches

Your energy, your mindset, your capacity for challenge and critique is central to working with groups and teams. It can be a triggering experience to hold space for multiple people all experiencing their learning journey in different ways. This mindset module helps to prepare you for the deep work you'll facilitate for others. 

Carefully curated, highly practical 

The Foundations in Group and Team coaching course has been curated to bring you the most useful elements of group and team coaching practice. It covers everything from theory, to practicalities, coaching tools, business and mindset content. This programme is not your ordinary foundation level course.

As course creators we have drawn on our experience as master accredited coaches, facilitators, trainers and accredited coach supervisors to design this high quality, in depth and flexible self guided learning programme. 

This programme is perfect for independent coaches looking to covert their 1:1 coaching skills into working with groups and teams as well as learning and development professionals involved in group and team coaching.  


Your investment includes: 
  • Access to all 7 modules of the Foundations in Group and Team Coaching including all coaching activities and resources
  • Integration support via 3 ¬†x 1 hour online sessions
  • Instant and unlimited access to the Coaching Crowd¬ģ Business Lounge
  • 12 Months access to the Learning Portal with video lessons, coaching tools and resources.¬†
  • 12 CCE's with the ICF PENDING

APRIL 2024

Closed to bookings as programme has begun.

ORIENTATION CALL: Monday 15th April (13.30 UK TIME). 

COURSE STARTS: The 7 programme modules will be released weekly from Monday 22nd April 2024. 

LIVE ONLINE INTEGRATION SESSIONS: Attend 3 to complete the course. Options for the three are:

10th July 2024 1330
12th Sept 2024 1130
12th Nov 2024 0930
14th Jan 2025 1000
11th March 2025 0930

Sessions will be recorded if you are unable to attend live and available for you to watch. 


ORIENTATION CALL: Monday 14th October (13.30 UK TIME)

COURSE STARTS: The 7 programme modules will be released weekly from Monday 21st October April 2024.

LIVE ONLINE INTEGRATION SESSIONS: Attend 3 of 5, options are:

14th January 2025 1000
11th March 2025 0930
12th May 2025 1330
8th July 2025 0930
15th September 2025 1330

Sessions will be recorded if you are unable to attend live. 


2025 Dates Coming Soon!

If your employer is funding your training and you want to pay directly through invoice please contact us here. You can also ask us a question here too :) 



Who is this training for?

The Foundations for Group and Team Coaching Course is for trained coaches looking to convert their 1:1 coaching skills into group and team coaching, and/or add an additional income stream to their business by offering group coaching programmes.

This course is also suitable for L&D professionals who are already working with group and teams and want to upskill in this area. If you are not in L&D but in a role where you are required to facilitate group or team sessions this course may be suitable for you. 

We recommend you eventually train as a coach if you are applying this content to your internal work as you will gain even more from the programme, and you can explore that option with our Diploma for Executive and Senior Level Coaches. 

What's involved self guided learning?

Each of the modules in the Foundations of Group and Team Coaching is structured as:

  1. Orientation questions to support your reflection ahead of the modules
  2. Narrated Video Lesson (with closed captions if needed)
  3. Coaching and reflection exercises to apply the learning from the module
  4. End of Module Quiz

Each of the 5 phases of Group and Team coaching modules will also have coaching activities that you apply to your group and team coaching work.

The pre-work is hosted on our learning platform and will take approximately 2 hours per module

What's involved in the live integration sessions?

Integration Sessions are there to support the integration of your learning. You can come to ask questions about the content, share learnings from applying the content and your successes. 

They are not for business development. You can use the Business Lounge community for all your business related questions. 

How do I complete the course?

 To obtain your ICF CCE's (pending) you need to complete all of the pre work on the learning platform  including the coaching and reflection exercises contained within the modules. You'll also need to attend 3 of the 5 integration session (or watch the recordings) and pass all of the end of lesson quizzes.

When all phases are complete you will be issued with your CCE certificate. 

How do I sign up?

Choose the cohort you wish to join and you'll be sent a confirmation securing your place on the course. You will get access to the course content in accordance with the dates in the schedule for the cohort listed above.