Safe Spaces for Founders and CEO's to Cultivate High Performance

Our mission is to help you achieve yours. 

Let us be the extension of your team for thought leadership, emotional support, challenge, leadership and team development. 


The Founders Package

Our mission, is to support yours

Thought Leadership 

We're a sounding board. Somewhere to empty your thoughts and explore your options in a space where you won't be judged. We are your team to spark off, to ignite your thinking and develop your creativity. We know how to get the best out of you, your team and your creative ideas.

Emotional Support

Leadership can be hard on your wellbeing. Most of us are ill equipped to handle all the emotions that come with the many hats we wear. We will hold space for all your emotions and enable you to remain calm and centred. Your emotional health and well being is essential for sustained high performance. 

Challenge & Growth

You want challenge. You thrive on it, but the more senior you get the more yes people you have in your audience. We'll challenge you to be a better leader and face into your hidden blocks. Our super skills include asking those questions most people are afraid to ask. We challenge your beliefs. 

Team Development

You're only as strong as your team. Whilst you may have individual team members who are very talented that may not currently combine well as a high performing team. We're here to support you and your team to define and lean into the leadership behaviours that are needed to be a high performing team. 

Why us?

We know the challenges you face. We've been partnering, working with, and coaching CEO's, Senior Leaders and Executives for over 20 years. 

You wear many hats in this role. Executive, Leader, Role Model, Champion, and often Parent, Sibling, Spouse and all the life that happens behind the scenes. 

Leadership was never meant to be a lonely role. You aren't meant to deal with all the challenges that life and business passes your way. TEAM is where the magic happens. 

We bring emotional stability to our work. We've been business partners since 2011 and friends long before that. We know a great team is built on shared, strong values and courageous conversations. In our own business we've navigated many challenges together and our relationship brings magic to the leaders and teams we work with.

We are World Class Coaches. We are Master Accredited, Multi Award Nominated, Award winning coaches having received recognition for our leadership development, coaching training and individual coaching. We offer the whole package of leadership development at world class quality. 

We respect your privacy. You don't see us shouting about who we're working with on Social media, because we know our clients want privacy and a confidential space. Safe spaces is what we price ourselves on and know that when you are working in the space with us. That's exactly where it stays. No ego, no politics. Pure respect. 

What's Involved?

In this exclusive 'Founders Package' you will get access to both of us to support you and your business throughout a 12 month period. 

This includes: 

  • Monthly Executive Coaching with Zoe and or Jo
  • Specialist Coaching Sessions - Jo and Zoe are trained in multiple modalities that are appropriate for different topics depending on what emerges over the year. 
  • Quarterly observed team meetings to support team growth 
  • Team development sessions to cultivate a high performance leadership team
  • Access to our Certificate in Coaching Training for team members to build their coaching skills 

The investment is £35,000 for 12 months of partnership. 

Please click on the link below and complete your details and Zoe and Jo will be in touch to set up a call to assess if we're a good fit for each other. 


For Values Driven, Heart Centred CEO's and Leaders

As values driven individuals, we only partner with leaders whose purpose and values we align to. 

We are driven to make a difference to the world and in this package we make our mission, to support yours, so it's important we believe in you and your purpose. 

It's also important you believe in us. Mutuality will be at the heart of our relationship, that's why we're asking you to apply and talk to us first. 

Great relationships are nurtured from shared values, so let's start there. 


Want to start with 1:1 Executive Coaching just for you?

You can book executive coaching with Jo or Zoe by clicking on their link below which will take you to their coaching packages.

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