Our Coaching transforms performance at work, and clients also comment on the positive impact it has on their personal lives too - that's a win -win for us! 

Coaching, Executive Coaching, Leadership Development
Coaching, Executive Coaching, Leadership Development
If you......


  • Want to progress in your career and overcome obstacles getting in your way

  • Want to increase your self awareness

  • Want to gain multiple perspectives on challenges that you face

  • Want to grow your potential and achieve things you believe are currently out of your reach

  • Are going through a period of change, such as a new job, stretched assignment

  • Are disillusioned in your role or struggling

  • Want to challenge the status quo or invigorate your business with fresh ways of working.



All coaching programs involve one to one contact with an IGC qualified coach, enabling the employee  to identify, explore and achieve their goals in confidence. Each coaching session will last at least 1 hour and full notes are provided after each session to encourage continued reflection. If agreed, your coach may provide you homework to complete between sessions. 

All of our Coaching programs are tailored to your needs but can include:

  • Gathering of 360* feedback and debriefing

  • Psychometric assessments

  • Feedback to aid performance development

  • Progress reviews

  • Structured action plans for achieving goals and strategies



The coaching sessions encourage a deep level of self reflection. You will be guided through expertly facilitated discussions which will be combined with working through different exercises to build your self awareness and perspective. 

Over time your coach will help you to identify your values and beliefs and challenge you to raise your awareness of how you may be sabotaging your potential. 

Our clients often comment on how the coaching has transformed their performance at work and their lives at home through increased self awareness, confidence, self belief, and overall the ability to identify, set and achieve their goals and ambitions.

Here's what one of our clients is saying ....

You have the most amazing ability to transform people's lives. I feel very privileged to have met and worked with you during these difficult, challenging times. My personal feelings of turmoil have now been lifted due to your skilled intervention"

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