Why being a coach changes you.

September 9, 2018


I’ve just returned from weekend of coaching training and on my drive home I found myself reflecting on my journey as a coach. 


I have the privilege of working as a coach. In coaching sessions clients share with me their fears, hopes, dreams and beyond that their darkest moments, how these moments affected them and how they are held back by an inner struggle that is invisible to the outside world. Each client’s journey is different and unique, but all clients grow and develop, change and embrace new found resources and confidence. There is nothing better. 


Coaching training is part of my work that I love the most. Participants on the course spend 64 hours absorbed in coaching, conversations, tools, observations, feedback and of course 1:1 coaching. They arrive on day 1 thinking they’ll learn some new skills in coaching and mentoring and walk out on day 8 with lifelong friends and a whole new perspective of how they view themselves, others and the world around them. 


It sounds cliché but coaching has the power to change lives, what I didn’t expect when I trained to be a coach is how it would change me. Here’s 5 of the ways that becoming a coach changes you (and me!)


  1. Deeper relationships – Coaching teaches you a curiosity. You listen intently, observe behaviours with a sharp eye and begin to notice how people see themselves and the world they live in. Getting to know someone and building relationships is taken to a whole new level. 

  2. Strength through vulnerability - Something special happens in a coaching training, people slowly lift their veil and embrace their vulnerability, in doing so, this gives them strength to be authentic, face their fears and be courageous. Coaching training becomes as much about oneself as it does about helping and working with others. 

  3. Being a nicer human – I admit it, I used to judge people. I’d draw conclusions about people based on limited information. For a smart girl, I was really dumb.  Coaching helps you to understand people and their behaviour and guess what, humans do stupid things, and say stupid things and they do it for all sorts of reasons, but most people are really, really nice. Coaching has given me the gift of realising the power in being non judgemental. When you don’t judge others, you teach your unconscious mind that people are not judging you and that is a very helpful perspective to have. 

  4. Trust – when you are coaching, or training someone, you don’t know where your conversation may go next. One question can unlock an unexpected response or a direction you didn’t expect your coaching to go in. You are never an expert, always an improviser. You think on your feet and make in the moment decisions about how to handle the twists and turns, what to ask or do next. You trust yourself, your training, your experience and importantly, your intuition

  5. Lifelong learning – Every client teaches you something about yourself. This might be about your skills or coaching technique, maybe it’s insight into a new industry, often you learn about yourself. Slowly resolving the obstacles you face in life, client by client because coaching holds the mirror up and to be an effective coach, I believe you have to continuously work on yourself. And let’s face it – that’s a job that none of us will ever have complete! 

This blog post is for all our students, past present and yet to come. We know you will make us proud and continue to raise the standards of the coaching profession. 


If you’re interested in training as a coach our next course starts in Bristol at the end of the month. And we’ll be releasing new dates and locations soon. To keep in touch join our mailing list by clicking here  or click here to return to our coaching training pages



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