What would you do if you believed you couldn't fail?

July 11, 2016


What would you do if you believed you couldn't fail? This is amongst the pile of challenging questions that Jo Wheatley and I will be putting to a group of 35 business women this week when we facilitate a workshop "Overcoming Limiting Beliefs'. These women may not know it yet but they are about to embark on a new adventure, one which will hopefully see them lift the veil on the stories they have been telling themselves to keep themselves safe, or perhaps to drive them to succeed. 


We all have beliefs that we hold about ourselves and the world around us, they help us to make sense of our experiences. Yet amongst our collection of beliefs are some that limit us, and they can come in 3 forms. Beliefs about:

  • Possibility

  • Ability

  • Worth

The good news is that we can change our beliefs and it is often the fastest way to achieve changes in behaviour. What we believe dictates how we think, how we think affects how we feel and the actions we take, so by changing our beliefs we are able to change the way we feel and in turn what we do. So new mindset = new results. 


Sounds simple right?! Well for some people it is, sometimes raising our awareness of how our beliefs are affecting us is enough for the change process to start. Since we act as if our beliefs are true, knowing what they are in the first place is a helpful place to start. For others, it can take time and a strong commitment to change a lifetime's lens of the world - but it is possible and i've had the pleasure of seeing it time and time again through coaching. 


So if you're not one of our 35 women coming along this week here's some top tips on how you can start to challenge your own unhelpful beliefs: 

  1. Identify what's not working for you, what do you currently believe that is holding you back? What stories do you tell yourself? 

  2. What's the positive intention of this belief? Whilst it may not seem like it our unhelpful beliefs are often there for a positive reason. Perhaps to protect you? What's yours? Acknowledge it and look for a better way to serve it. 

  3. What would you rather believe? What would be more helpful for you? 

  4. Challenge yourself: Is your belief really ALWAYS true? What evidence do you have for your preferred belief?

  5. Talk to others: What alternative perspectives are there? How do they see you and the impact your beliefs have on your behaviour? 

  6. When have you successfully changed before? Look at times when you have been up against it. What resources do you have to prove that change is possible? 

  7. Take massive action: Challenge yourself to step beyond your comfort zone and do things differently

  8. Gain support: Tell people what you are doing and why, build your support network


Good Luck! 



Beliefs, Values, Behaviours and Goals are the fundamental pillars of our work and create meaningful development for people and teams alike. If you are interested in challenging yourself and or your team then please get in touch. 

We are an ILM accredited centre offering Coaching and Mentoring Training at Level 5. We run programmes in Plymouth, Bristol, London and In house. 


Thanks for reading - have a good week. 

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