Our Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring is an extensive ILM Level 5 Coaching Qualification designed to prepare you for coaching in organisations and with individual clients. It's packed with great coaching tools, in depth theory of learning, different coaching methodologies such as NLP and TA. So whether you are an aspiring coach or you work in L&D or HR, this is the course for you. And what's more....it's great fun! 

Throughout the coaching program you will develop the skills and competencies to be an effective coach. This includes: 

  • Learning what coaching is, and what it is not

  • How to coach effectively

  • Using different coaching models

  • Learning how to use language to affect clients and bring about change

  • Learning about the role of self image in coaching

  • The importance of values and beliefs, how to identify them and how to use them with clients

  • How to manage 'difficult' clients and sensitive topics

  • The role of goal setting and how to set goals that cannot fail

  • Understanding how people learn and what this means for coaching

  • How to bring about change in a client

  • Using an extensive toolbox of coaching exercises so you are always prepared for whatever a client brings to a coaching session

  • The importance of supervision and CPD as a practising coach

  • Coaching in organisations, the potential barriers and how to overcome them





Our coaching program is delivered over 8 days. It will be delivered by either Jo Wheatley or Zoe Hawkins. Both Jo and Zoe are practising coaches and work internationally within organisations and with private clients. 


On the coaching course we will teach you the theory of coaching, introduce new coaching exercises which you'll get to practise,  and you'll develop a close network with other practising coaches. 


The work required to achieve your diploma is significant - that's how you become so good at it. So in addition to the weekends we'll share, you will need to:


  • Identify 6 clients to practise your coaching with (we will support you in doing this)

  • Complete 2 coaching assignment

  • Maintain a CPD log of your learning

  • Undertake Coaching supervision with us




Book your place. Our coaching programs are running in the following places on these dates: 


29 / 30 September 2020

3 / 4 November 2020

15 / 16 December 2020

12 / 13 January 2021


24 / 25 March 2020

28 / 29 April 2020

23 / 24 June 2020

15 / 16 September 2020


Our total price is only £2550 and this includes: 

All course materials

Coaching Supervision

Tutor support

Refreshments (not including lunch)




If you wish to have your qualification recognised by the ILM there will be an ILM registration fee of £183


You can secure your place with a deposit now of only £395. We also have payment plans for those of you who need to structure your payments over a number of months.


So give us a call now on 0800 690 6798 or e-mail us at info@igcompany.co.uk

Finding the right coaching qualification for you can be hard. We know, we've been there, and we didn't always get it right! Anyone can call themselves a coach and the coaching industry isn't regulated so against this backdrop it's hard to know what you should focus on when deciding which coaching training provider to go with. 


At In Good Company we are committed to developing high quality, ethical coaches that have the skills and experience to coach real clients, safely and with a high degree of professionalism and calibre. We are passioante about what we do, the feedback we get from our clients time and time again reinforces the power that coaching can have in changing people's lives and performance at work. That's why we have designed our coaching qualification to pass this experitse on and ensure that when you complete our coaching training you are ready to step into the coaching profession. 


What makes us different from other providers? 

- We are actively working in the field of coaching, working with real clients and facing real issues every day

- We will pass on our expertise in NLP, Transactional Analysis, CBT and Gestalt

- We will provide you with an extensive toolbox which you can use in 1:1, Team and group coaching

- We will provide you with supervision to ensure your coaching is of high quality

- Our price is right. We deliver exceptional value for money. You do not need to pay more. 

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