Hi, We're Zoe and Jo

Our Story

In Good Company is founded on connection and a drive to create a positive legacy through high quality coaching and coaching training.

We met whilst studying for our Masters in Personnel and Development during our careers in HR. We instantly connected and have been friends ever since that day.

In 2010, we started talking about leaving our corporate careers behind and forming a business based around our passion for coaching and developing others. In Good Company was born. Our philosophy is about being in good company with yourself, your team, your organisation and the wider world in which we live. We also believe that you're in good company when you choose to work with us. We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality, as well as service. Your success is our success.

Over the years In Good Company has evolved and we have become CEOs of a global, triple accredited coaching training organisation. Our work as an organisation, as well as individuals, has been nominated for several global awards in coaching and coaching supervision, as well as a CIPD Award for Best Learning and Development Consultants. Jo won the EMCC Global Coach Practitioner Award in 2020. 

We are deeply passionate about our work and the power that coaching has to improve everyday wellbeing. We have both been working as executive coaches since 2009 and have been training coaches since 2015. Our work in coaching supervision has always sat alongside our coaching training. This was formalised when we both became qualfiifed Coaching Supervisors. We continue to invest in our CPD to support our development as individuals as well as our clients.

Beyond our work we are both married and have young families. We both live by the sea, and share values around learning, connection, achievement and authenticity. These values are at the heart of how we partner with our clients as well as in our wider lives.

Read on to learn a little more about each of us and how you can work with us as your executive coach.

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Hi I'm Zoe Hawkins

I'm a global, multi award nominated master accredited coach, coach supervisor and coach trainer.

I coach courageous, high achieving leaders who desire more fulfilment from their careers. This might be about balance, inner confidence, finding purpose and joy or working through a career plateau to re-ignite passion and drive.

My coaching is both challenging and supportive, deep rooted and fun, practical and soul led.

My goal through coaching is to support yours and in doing so, enable you to ignite your inner coach.

I'm deeply passionate about enabling people to lead fulfilling, whole lives, free from challenges which hold them back. 

My qualifications include a first class degree in Commerce, a Masters (distinction) in Personnel and Development A diploma in Performance Coaching, Master Coach, Master Hypnotist,  Master Practitioner of NLP. I also hold a certificate in Transactional Analysis and a diploma in coaching supervision

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Hi I'm Jo Wheatley

I'm a global award winning emotions coach and co-founder of In Good Company. I coach CEOs and those on a CEO pathway who are seeking alignment of their emotions to their outer achievements. My approach is person centred and integrates a range of coaching psychologies. My focus in on empowering you to achieve exceptional results in alignment with your emotional wellbeing.

I provide a safe and confidential space of support and challenge as your emotional and strategic partner. Working with your values, beliefs and emotions is core to this. People describe my warmth, motivation and energy as infectious and inspiring. My background prior to becoming a CEO was Head of People Development & HR Director.

My qualifications include a Law Degree, Masters (distinction) in Personnel Management, Life, Business and Executive Coach, Coach Supervisor, Action Learning Set Facilitator, Grief Recovery Method, Mediation, Master Practitioner of NLP (incorporating Timeline Therapy and Hypnosis), Organisational Relationship Systems Coaching Practitioner and Gallup Strengths Finder Certified Coach. 

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So... now that you've found us, here's how you can work with us


You can train as a coach with us.

You can join our business lounge membership to support your coaching business development.

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